Gymnarchus niloticus genome


Gymnotus omarorum transcriptome consortium

  • Guillermo Eastman
  • Harold Zakon
  • Ana Silva
  • Jose Sotelo Silveira

Contributed the transcriptomes of brain, skeletal muscle, spinal cord and electric organ from Gymnotus omarorum

Publication forthcoming

Electric Fish Laboratory - Michigan State University

  • Dr. Jason Gallant
  • Mauricio Losilla
  • Dr. Harold Zakon (University of Texas - Austin)

Contributed the transcriptomes of electric organ, heart, skeletal muscle and brain from Brachyhypopomus gauderio.

Publication forthcoming

Evolutionary Biology/Systematic Zoology - Universität Potsdam

  • Dr. Ralph Tiedemann
  • Dr. Francesco Lamanna
  • Dr. Frank Kirschbaum (Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin)

Contributed the transcriptomes of electric organ and skeletal muscle from Campylomormyrus compressirostris as detailed in the publication:

De novo assembly and characterization of the skeletal muscle and electric organ transcriptomes of the African weakly electric fish Campylomormyrus compressirostris (Mormyridae, Teleostei). Mol Ecol Resour. 2014 Nov;14(6):1222-30. doi: 10.1111/1755-0998.12260. Epub 2014 Apr 23. Mol Ecol Resour. 2014 Nov;14(6):1222-30.

Electric Eel Genome Consortium

  • Dr. Jason R. Gallant (Michigan State University)
  • Dr. Lindsay L. Traeger, Jeremy D. Volkening, Dr. Michael R. Sussman (University of Wisconsin)
  • Dr. Howell Moffett, Po-Hao Chen, Carl D. Novina (Harvard Medical School)
  • Dr. George N. Phillips, Jr. (Rice University)
  • Dr. Rene Anand (Ohio State University)
  • Dr. Gregg B. Wells (Texas A&M)
  • Matthew Pinch, Robert Güth, Dr. Graciela A. Unguez (New Mexico State University)
  • Dr. James S. Albert (University of Louisiana)
  • Dr. Harold H. Zakon (University of Texas -Austin)
  • Dr. Manoj P. Samanta (Systemix Institute)

The Electric Eel Genome Consortium contributed the Electric Eel (Electrophorus electricus) Genome Sequence assembly, as well as the transcriptomes of Malapterurus electricus, Eigenmannia virescens, Sternopygus macrurus, and Brienomyrus brachyistius, as detailed in the publications:

Gallant, J.R., Traeger, L.L., Volkening, J.D., Moffett, H. Chen, P.H., Novina, C.D., Phillips, G.N., Anand, R., Wells, G.B., Pinch, M. Güth, R., Unguez, G.A., Albert, J.S., Zakon, H.H., Samanta, M.P., Sussman, M.R. (2014) Genomic basis for the convergent evolution of electric organs. Science 344(6191) 1522-1525.

Traeger, L. L., Volkening, J. D., Moffett, H., Gallant, J. R., Chen, P. H., Novina, C. D., Phillips, G.N., Anand, R., Wells, G.B., Pinch, M. Güth, R., Unguez, G.A., Albert, J.S., Zakon, H.H., Sussman, M.R., and Samanta, M. P. (2015). Unique patterns of transcript and miRNA expression in the South American strong voltage electric eel (Electrophorus electricus). BMC genomics, 16(1), 243.